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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Does a Baby Really Need?

I'm almost 20 weeks in my pregnancy so I will be finding out the gender of the baby on Monday.  Then it will be time to start planning the nursery.  It's so easy to get wrapped up on the latest styles and trends when decorating.  I could easily rack up a nice bill when planning on what a dream nursery would look like.  But what type of room does a baby really need?  Does he/she need a room of extravagant items such as this chandelier in the picture below?

Sure, it's beautiful but is this baby really going to appreciate the details of a chandelier?  More than likely, a big fat no is the answer.  What's wrong with just the basic necessities like a crib and dresser/changing table?  It's so easy to get wrapped up in society's way of thinking that a baby must have the best and newest of everything.  You can get so caught up in the glamor of these elegant nursery rooms and all that goes with it.  Why not just buy the basic items and use that extra money to start investing in long term needs for your baby?  Why do you need to register for that $1,000 stroller (and they do exist) when a $100 stroller will do?  Better yet, why not just shop consignment stores or Craig's List looking for an used item that your baby will only be using for a couple of years?  We have become so used to "being like the Jones family" that we forget the important things in a baby's life such as love, stability, commitment, nurturing and so many more important things.  Cribs will get chewed on, toys will be broken, the expensive stenciling on the walls of the baby room will soon be covered with crayon or maker drawings, rugs will be puked on, and the list goes on and on.  So while it's fun to dream of that baby's room that looks like a glamorous Hollywood star's room, I've got to come back to reality and focus on the basics.


  1. So true! we have had 5 babies and not had their own room. Probably 75% of the baby stuff has been given to us so things don't match but doesn't matter in the long run...all the babies have had a warm bed to sleep in, plenty of blankets, clean clothes, clean diapers and milk and food. what else is really necessary :) Keep your focus right ashes because it isvery easy to go crazy when the baby comes...the Lord will give you everything you NEED! I'm just ready to see my little nephew/niece! and then just let auntie spoil him/her :)

  2. Very true! They grow up fast and they are so busy learning how to hold up their head, roll over, sit up, walk, talk, etc....those first few years. A time of snuggling, reading, listening, and spending quality time with them is worth more then all the gadgets in the world. FYI - all the new gadgets will be totally different in 5 years anyway. Our decorations consisted of painting their room with 12 weeks of bedrest I didn't have the ability to do a lot of decorating!

    On a side note I hope neither of my two did any of those things (puke, color on the walls, break toys.....) while staying at your house.

    Your little one will have a beautiful nursery no matter what you decide and your love which will make positive imprint on their hearts forever!