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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time to Bring out the Board Games

Today is our second day stuck inside due to the snow and ice storm.  The first day is always fun being lazy and just enjoying the extra time with family.  The second day is when I start to get stir crazy knowing that I can't leave the house.  So it's time to bring out the card games....

Board and card games were always a huge hit with my family growing up.  I can remember my parents and grandparents staying up late at night having Skip-Bo and Mille Bornes tournaments.  My brother and I were always huge Monopoly fans.

So this morning my husband and I started our rounds of Skip-Bo and Racko.  I'm sure we will be bringing out the Phase 10 and Fast Scrabble before the end of the day.

The brain is the most powerful part of our body and it is what keeps our body in good condition.  With age, the brain tends to loose its sharpness and you may experience problems related to memory.  That's why it is important to keep the brain active and in good condition all the time.  Mental exercise can be crucial.  The brain is like a muscle....use it or lose it.  Card games and board games can be very healthy for your brain.  These games can help stimulate your brain to think.

Do you have a favorite board or card game?  I'd love to hear it about it!

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  1. we just played about 2 hrs of PIT the other night with friends...you need to read the instructions...found the rules and it is diffence then I remember...it was so much fun playing and keeping points and all! but of course you need to comehere so we can play since it is rather difficult to play with just 2 :)