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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Great Way to Never Forget to Send a Birthday Card Again.....

If you're like me, there are always at least three birthdays to remember each month.  Some months can get even crazier!  So this year at the beginning of each month, I'm going to buy all the cards that I need and get them all ready to mail out.  Go ahead and sign them, add a gift card or whatever you normally send, address and stamp the envelope.  I used a Post It label and marked the date it needs to be mailed by. 

Don't forget to check the next month to make sure no one has a birthday the very first week of that month.  You wouldn't want that card to be late! 

I stopped by CVS today and scanned my CVS card at the coupon kiosk machine and it printed a $3 off $12 coupon for American Greetings cards.  I had several ECB's leftover so I used them along with the coupon and bought five birthday cards and a toothbrush for $4.  I also got another $1 ECB back!

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  1. yea and you say you are not like dad :) he does the same thing tho I think he buys them all at once....anyway I told brett last month that is what I wanted to do...I just need to go the store by myself to look for cards because looking for cards with kids is IMPOSSIBLE! well hopefully I can get on top of it this year! I did buy seanns's gift for next month but the realy thing is if it gets sent out in time :) lol