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Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Items at Staples this Week

There are some great "freebies" this week at Staples, cash back in Staples Rewards. Must be a member of Staples Rewards (free program).  Rewards will be mailed in February to be used on your next Staples purchase. Here's what I picked up today:

One five pack of Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens - $5.99
One 10 pack of letter/legal size storage boxes - $10.00
One letter/legal handy file tote - $8
One three pack Scotch moving and storage tape - $10

I also picked up my free box of Nestle French Vanilla Coffeemate.  This offer was available earlier this week....not sure if they have any left.

Staples also has two other freebies that I didn't pick up.  Those are:
One five pack of BIC Matic grip .07 mm mechanical pencils - $3.99
One 50 pack 4x6 photo envelopes - $5

You can print a 15% coupon off your total purchase here.  This saved me an additional $5.85 off my total.


  1. Awesome deals at Staples! I haven't been to Staples in a few weeks.

    Do you recycle your used toner at Staples? They give you $2 or $3 in rewards per used cartridge if you recycle them at their stores!

  2. No because I take my empties to Cartridge World where I buy my toner. So far, it's the cheapest place I've found toner and their toner will last a very long time. They are always very nice about exchanges if I have any problems too.

  3. I have heard great things about Cartridge World too from several people! I haven't used them before so have no clue of their policies. What type of incentive does Cartridge World give you for bringing in the empty cartridges (credit towards next purchase)? We may have to check them out! =)

    We don't buy Staples toner but I like that they give us rewards on any brand of toner cartridge we turn into their stores because it allows us to purchase whichever brand is the best price when we need to restock.

  4. If you don't bring your empty toner to Cartridge World, you will have to pay a little higher price. We used them for work and personal use....very satisfied with their service and quality.