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Monday, December 6, 2010

What is your calling or mission in life?

So....I'm pregnant. Something I thought I never would say. Growing up I always said I would never get married and never have my own babies. I had a huge passion for all the children coming into foster care and just wanted to be a Mother to those children. God obviously had other plans for my life because He brought Mike into my life and now He's allowed me to be pregnant.

There are so many different thoughts going through my head about all of this. I'm very excited to see what the baby will look like and there's something special knowing that this baby will always be ours. But it doesn't change anything about the way I feel about all of our foster children. God gives each one of us a calling for some sort of mission in life. Whether your calling is on the mission field, in the Service defending our Country, Pastor or Priesthood, school teacher, or so many other occupations, Foster parenting is my mission in life. God obviously placed the calling in Mike's heart also and brought us together. I understand the majority of people will never understand the love we have for all of our children or how we feel like each one of them was our own whether it was for one week or one year. Just like I'll never understand how someone would give up his or her life fighting for our freedom. I'll never understand why a teacher would want to surround herself in a room full of little germ factories. Why would a surgeon want to cut people open and look at blood and organs all day? There are so many things in life we will never understand but it's ok because God gives each person a different understanding and calling.

As excited as we are about our new baby coming into our life in June 2011, it won't change the way we feel about our other children. We will continue to foster and continue to love each one of these children the same way. They have all been a part in each chapter of our lives and without them our life wouldn't be what it is today.

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  1. You have made a positive impact on the lives of many children! Looking forward to meeting your new little one and any foster children God brings into your home. You have been a wonderful blessing in our lives too!