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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Waffle Failure

Ok, so I'm very disappointed right now with my attempt at making homemade Belgian Waffles. I found a recipe online that sounded delicious and had great reviews. I've never made waffles with yeast before so was hoping for a really yummy, crispy, fluffy waffle. I received a Belgian Waffle maker for Christmas (we had an early Christmas at my Dad's house during Thanksgiving) and was so excited to try this new recipe. Well, it failed. Either that or it was me. The waffles ended up being very heavy, thick, and far from crispy. The recipe wasn't easiest either, it took about 30 minutes to make the batter and was more complicated than most recipes. I thought for sure because it was more complicated it would be more delicious. Oh well, I know not to make that recipe again. The Golden Girls love it when my recipes fail because that means they get to eat it. They don't care what it tastes like, most of the time they just swallow the food whole without chewing. LOL

So does anyone want to help me out with a yummy Belgian Waffle recipe? I really want to put my new waffle maker to use!

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