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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our trip to Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

Yesterday our family took a trip to The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. We had toured the house back in the Spring and for an extra $20 were able to upgrade our tickets to season passes. We live about an hour away so it's not too far to get away for a day trip. We've been up there several times this year to walk on the hiking trails, picnic lunches, and we've even taken both of our Golden Retrievers for a day. They are very pet-friendly at the Biltmore and your animals can go just about anywhere other than the actual estate and the food court area. We've heard about how gorgeous the estate is decorated at Christmastime so yesterday we made a trip up there. And yes, it was very gorgeous! My favorite room was the Banquet Hall where there was a 35 foot real Fraser Fir decorated just beautifully! I found out that they actually had to take it down at the end of November and put a new one up in December because they die so quickly. That's a lot of decorations to be hung twice. I'm not sure I would like that job. The entire Estate was filled with beautiful Christmas trees, poinsettias, Christmas wreaths, and the smell of lemon and cinnamon in the air. I believe there were 18 Christmas trees, hundreds of poinsettias and wreaths, and zillions of decorations on the trees. Everything was so elegant. If you tour the Biltmore, I definitely recommend purchasing the audio tour. There is a $10 cost per audio but it's well worth the history you learn from it. So many things you wouldn't of known with just walking through the house. It takes about an hour to walk through the house. There are a lot of steps to take but they have benches and chairs throughout the Estate where you can sit and take a breather if needed. We got there right before 800 school children came in so we were able to get in and out of the house without any large crowds.


  1. What month was the $20 upgrade in?

    1. I'm so sorry but I don't remember the exact month they offered the $20 upgrade. It was just sometime in the Spring, possibly April or Mayl??