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Life is beautiful whether you're soaking in sunshine or caught in a thunderstorm. I take the beauty of life for granted too often. I have a supportive husband who I don't want to live life without, a beautiful son who is always reminding me of the simple things that really matter, and an independent daughter who is teaching me to throw schedules out the window and live in the moment. My day is made when free samples fill my mailbox. I love discovering a new product and sharing it with others. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and will share your stories with me as well.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why October Is My Favorite Month

October is my favorite month for so many reasons. I love the cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and the smell of fresh air without humidity. Fall was also my Mom's favorite season. One of her favorite places to take us was to Cades Cove which is in the Smoky Mountains. It's an 11 mile loop that you can drive through. Throughout the cove, you will see different historic buildings, an old mill that still grinds fresh flour, gorgeous nature scenery, and so much more. You can see a lot of wildlife such as deer, wild turkey's, groundhogs, and if you are lucky, you'll see a bear! We made so many memories as a family at Cades Cove. Every time I go back, I become emotional remembering all the great times we had. Another favorite reason I love October is because it was the last month that Mom was at my house. Dad and Mom's last trip to South Carolina was October 2008. Mom was just starting to lose energy but it didn't stop her from taking at least a hundred different pictures of the leaves changing color. She couldn't get enough of the fresh air and the fall colors. We took them downtown Greenville for supper at Trio's and had such a great time that night walking around and of course making the special trip to The Mast General Store. The final reason for me loving October so much is this is the month Mike and I got married. I always wanted a fall wedding and we chose October 30th. It was such a gorgeous day, I couldn't of dreamed of it more perfect. This year will be our 6th wedding anniversary. God blessed me with an amazing husband. When Mike first saw me holding a foster baby, he told himself that I would never get married while fostering. Funny how God has different plans for our life, funnier that God had chosen Mike as the one to marry me after him having those thoughts. God has so many great plans for each one of us, we just have to surrender to His will and allow Him to work His plans in us.

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  1. Hi Ashley.

    What a blessing to read! I have never been to Cade's Cove, but you make it sound really nice. I love October, too. Fall is my favorite time of year....the colors, the smells, the flavors...all teasing and pleasing the senses. I am praying for you, Ashley. I understand how much you miss your mom. I miss my mom, too. She was my best friend!!!
    Love you!