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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Surprise Phone Call for New Beginnings

I'm still in shock as I type this post. I had applied for $2,000 from Jenny's Heroes about 2 months ago. This $2,000 would go to buy clothes, diapers, duffel bags, and other items for New Beginnings. After I first applied and got the email saying they wanted more information, I was getting excited that maybe they would choose me. But after not hearing anything for over a month, I completely forgot about Jenny's Heroes. Which was a good thing or today would not of been a surprise like it was for me.

Lisa Conner, president of Greenville County Foster Parent Association called me last week and said she wanted to take me and Angela, treasurer of GCFPA, out to lunch to talk about New Beginnings. We met for lunch at Zaxby's right across from the DSS buildings. Lisa told me that after lunch we were going to go check out a conference room that DSS might let us use for storage for New Beginnings for GCFPA. At first, I thought that was kind of weird to use a conference room at DSS, but who's to complain about free storage? Especially when my guest room is overfilling with donations. So we walk in and there were several social workers, foster parents, and other important people from DSS. They tell me I have a phone call which confused me. I was like me? Ashley Genovese? I took the phone call and it was Jenny Jones telling me that they were giving me the $2,000 I had requested!!!! Then my husband pokes out of this closet and I just started crying. I was so overwhelmed by the emotions I was feeling. Excitement that this was happening for New Beginnings, total shock that Jenny's Heroes had chosen me, and humbled by all the people that were in the room that were so excited about this new organization and were there to support me. God has been so good to me and New Beginnings to provide these donations and to bless this organization. Foster children deserve to be treated like "normal" children and I'm so happy that God turned my dream into a reality! I can't wait to see what He will do next!! Be sure to check out Jenny's Heroes and learn more about what her generosity is doing in this country.

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  1. That's awesome Ashley! I'm really happy for you, and especially happy for all those kids you will be able to help.