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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Beginnings for GCFPA

Today I'm packing duffel bags for New Beginnings.

New Beginnings for GCFPA is a non-profit 501-c3 organization that helps provide for the children of the Greenville, SC community placed into foster care. Did you know that there are approximately 30 children that come into foster care each month? That's just in Greenville county! Majority of the time, these children come into care without bringing any of their personal belongings. Imagine getting ready to sit down and eat supper and there is a knock on your door. DSS has just brought you a child and that child didn't come with any clothes or personal belongings. You swallow your dinner and run out to Walmart to find clothes for this beautiful child. The child is so overwhelmed. It's been a long day for him/her and they've been dropped off at a home only to be whisked away to go clothes shopping. It's not an easy transition for them. New Beginnings puts together duffel bags full of one week's worth of clothes and other personal care items for these children. When a child is placed into a home, the social worker will give the foster parent this duffel bag to make the transition easier. The foster parent isn't going to have to run out and go shopping or stress about buying bottles, formula, diapers all at the last minute (which is a huge expense). They can immediately begin the bonding process with the child the moment they step in the door.

New Beginnings can't function without your help. We need clothing donations. We need money to go out and buy duffel bags. We need personal hygiene donations. We need diapers, underwear, and socks. All donations are tax-deductible.

New Beginnings was started in July 2010. To date, we have packed and given 68 bags to children coming into the foster care program.

Any questions please feel free to call 864-918-4213 or email newbeginnings4gcfpa@hotmail.com

Together, we can change heartbreak to hope...touching lives forever.

For more information about the Greenville County Foster Parent Assocation, check out their website here.

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