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Monday, October 18, 2010

Judgement House

Judgement House will be at Riverside Baptist Church this weekend. Friday, October 22nd - Sunday, October 24th. This will be my first time in a scene and I'm so excited about being a part of this awesome drama! I've heard lots of stories of how exhausting the weekend can be but it's also so rewarding to see so many people come to Christ. If you haven't heard of Judgement House, you can find out more here. Below is the drama we are doing this year.

Web Of Lies.

Well over 200 million people use social networking sites like MySpace, and Facebook and Erica is one of them, unfortunately for her, so is AJ, a father with a checkered past and a double life. Erica finds friendship and a good listener in Reynaldo a Brazilian exchange student and high school soccer player in just such a social networking site. Her new friend would love to meet her in person if she is willing. Most of her friends don't think it is such a good idea, and her parents don't even know she's chatting online with anyone.

With a naive curiosity and sense of safety, Erica makes plans to sneak away from a slumber party once her friends and parents fall asleep and meet up with Reynaldo. She manages to sneak out with her friend Trish, but doesn't anticipate her father, Bill, checking in on the girls late that evening after she has left. Her father quickly finds out about her late night meeting and rushes out to find his daughter before something terrible happens.

Erica finds herself in a familiar pizza restaurant, and in the company of an oddly dressed Reynaldo who is more than happy to offer her the drink into which he has quietly added a common date rape drug. Moments after Erica is finished with the drink, Reynaldo is leading her out of the restaurant, and into the final stages of his dark fantasy, when Bill literally runs into his daughter and her abductor. In the ensuing struggle Erica loses her life, Bill loses his daughter, and Trish loses her double-life leading father to the justice system.

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